It was my service year and I had numerous plans on how I wanted to enjoy that year to the fullest..

Lo and behold, i was posted to the Eastern part of Nigeria. And, the adventure started……

My place of primary assignment (PPA) was an executive branch of Anambra state government. I’m sure you know how government workers enjoy little or no work….

So I had the opportunity to dive into so many part time jobs. Few months into my service year, I got a part time teaching job with a Private secondary school as a chemistry teacher…..

I was elated because I felt it was an opportunity to make extra cash. Little did I know that God was sending me there to touch lives. It was on a Thursday morning and I was preparing for my class with the SS 2 students when the principal walked up to me.

He said, Corper Daniel I would like you to speak to the students during our Moral period today….I was stunned……

Speak to all the students in the school?? Why is he just telling me now?? All these questions flooded my heart in less than 5 seconds….

I smiled and said “No problem, Sir.

“After my class that morning I started brainstorming on what to say to the students.

But I couldn’t come up with anything….The Moral period started and all the students were all seated. Few minutes later I was called up by the principal to the podium…..

The students clapped and I could see the excitement on their faces..

I guess they were happy to see a new teacher stand before them…

Right on the podium I decided to speak on “SEX AND RELATIONSHIP”

They were shocked and surprised when I started……

Their facial expression said it all….

I was given 30 minutes but the speech continued and lasted for over 1 hour…

Both the teachers and students gave their rapt attention……

At a point I felt I was in a graveyard…..

The hall was so quiet……

The speech was over……..

I was heading towards the school gate when I heard someone shouting “Corper Daniel….. Please wait Sir..

“I turned back and It was one of my SS 1 female students……

I stopped while she walked towards me, her teary eyes caught my attention…..

I asked what the problem was and she narrated her ordeal to me…..

She has been sexually assaulted by her uncle ( her Father’s younger brother)….

She couldn’t tell her parents because he threatened to kill her if she does….

She couldn’t keep it to herself longer and she got the courage to speak up after the speech during the Moral session…..

My heart bleed………

I couldn’t control the drops of tears that rolled down my cheeks as she profusely shared her sad story…..

I calmed her down and assured her that everything would be fine….

We both walked up to the principal and narrated her pains to him….

He invited the parents to the school and got them informed on what their little girl was going through under their roof…..

The parents were shocked…..

The girl’s mother cried profusely while she held the girl close and hugged her passionately…..

I couldn’t help the outburst of emotions…..The rapist ( the girl’s uncle) was arrested….

There are millions of teenage girls who are out there under the bondage of sexual assault…..

They are so helpless……

They have no one to share their pains with……..T

heir parents are too busy to hear their cries and anguish……

Some of their parents are not sensitive to their children……

You can become a shoulder to lean on…..

You can be a good listener to that helpless girl….

She needs a savior and you can be that person…..

One of my greatest joy during my service year was that she was delivered from her nightmares…..

Say NO to sexual assault!!!!!!!!

PS- what you just read was a real life experience that happened 2017 during my Service year (NYSC).

Stay Inspired!!!!

Daniel Jesuloba

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